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info: 12 gam ngap is a movie starring Sandra Kwan Yue Ng, Louis Koo, and Wilfred Lau. Future Chang, a former gigolo, is devastated by an affair and returns to Thailand. With help from a former friend, he works hard to get in shape to. Audience Score: 255 votes. Countries: Hong Kong. 5,1 of 10 star. genre: Comedy


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Michael Bay flexing his urban distraction powers whilst waiting for the new Transformers. Plottwist : the mandalorian isn't able to talk at all. STORROR ARMY HERE? SINCE 10/10/10. I'm so proud of these guys. This movie: brings all hamilton fans here in the heights fans passed out after 2010 waiting for a movie: 😶.


Now let's see Herzog narrate a documentary on suicidal porgs. Wonder Woman: “my life... ” Me cuts in: “is nothing but a comedy”. Yall be talking bout anna kendrick but im only watching this for bill hader. Disney+ cant log in! it just says keep me updated. Sings a classical melody twice to summon a tiny white reindeer. No response. Sighs “YO! Snow Cone! ” Crazy tiny white reindeer comes flying into the shutters. Anyone else here from storror. Disney: Mandalorian is exclusively on Disney+ Everyone: Alright, the only reason Im getting Disney+ is for Mandalorian Me: Laughs in pirate. A gritty looking, practical effect based Star Wars western tv show? Im all in. 0:40 is that dakota Johnson aww she ia so cute. Kids: There is no story? Usnavi: Well there is a story of a lovely lady. I MEAN A BLOCK.

When they mention dreamers Me: aight imma head out. So their “person coming into a new world” roles are reversed. “Ive been looking forward to this”.



Netflix we need a Ryan ryenolds tvshow next pls. Opening to Sophia the First Forever Royal 2019 DVD. Okay so I first heard the trailer on the raido (I usually stay in to work on math during recess and my teacher plays the radio) and I thought the voice sounded like Bill but I didnt think it was actually him- So when I found out I shrieked. This almost reminds me of a western movie. Me: sees By the creators of Hamilton THIS IS A MUSICAL FOR ME. OH YEAHHHHHHHHHH ITS TIME EVERYONE BUST OPEN THE FIRE HYDRANTS WE'VE GOT THEATERS TO STORM.

Steve: Looks at trash can.