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synopsis - An off-world look at the superstitious repercussions of tattooing a Ouija Board on your body. Hagen, who has a dead wife, believes that he can revive her from the dead. Travis, a man who lost his brother and wants to join him in the afterlife. Morbius, a bartender who is betrayed by those he loves comes back from the dead to take revenge. And a strange man, known only as Mr. Skinny, protects the secrets of the Ouija Board and how the stories weave and affect each other / runtime - 1H 22Minutes / USA / writed by - Stephanie Joyce / Layton Matthews




Necromentia (2009. Necromentia - Trailer. Necromentia (2009. Rotten Tomatoes, Necromentia. Directed by Pearry Reginald Teo. With Layton Matthews, Chad Grimes, Santiago Craig, Zelieann Rivera. Explores the use of a tattooed Ouija Board through the lives and perspectives of 4 people. A heroin addicted sadist, an obsessed necrophiliac, and a man thirsting for revenge attempt to transcend death by carving an ancient occult map into the flesh of an unwilling victim and opening. Necromentia is a 2009 horror film directed by Pearry Reginald Teo. The screenplay concerns three men who have their lives turned over by the existence of a tattooed Ouija Board, which opens the gateways to other keeps the corpse of his lover in his house, hoping that one day she will come back from the dead as promised.

N c3 a9crod c3 a9mence oil. Four disjointed stories of horror loosely connected by a tattooed quija board.
Story one is about a guy who keeps his dead wife in a bathtub and tries to bring her back. or rather. keeps saying she promised to come back. No mention of when she died, but funny how there's no decay.
Two thugs come in and make an offer to bring the wife back. Something about gateways. But there is a fatal flaw with the plot. The guy doesn't choose his fate, as the narrative 's thrust on him against his will.
Story two finds two brothers. one who appears to be a crippled mute. Mr. Skinny. a fat guy with a pig mask pops out of the TV and the kid finds him funny even tho he's covered with blood. Lots of torture scenes here, but I couldn't follow it. It's all over the map and not one frame makes sense.
I THINK this 3rd story is about a guy who wants his brother back, but by this time all logic breaks down. The stories appear to be intertwined in a way that no sense can be made of them.
That's it for me. I don't even know what the 4th tale is supposed to be but it appears to be related to the first in a way and features an extraordinarily effeminate man who loves a woman a bit too much.
Net net. this is a clunker.

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Necromentia belongs to the best Barker adaptations not written by Barker himself. If you like Barker's visions of demons and netherworlds, there's a big chance you'll love Teo's Necromentia. Reception for this film has been rather tame, which is completely unjustified. It's no doubt one of the better American horror films of the last couple of. Necromentia imdb. Necromentia This dark, twisted tale of erotic s and shocking torment dares to open the gates of hell for three men desperate to transcend the boundaries of death.

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Watch Necromentia, Prime Video. Necromentia: Chad Grimes, Layton Matthews. Necromentia (2009. Necromentia (2009. User Reviews. Necromentia is about the story of what happens when you mess with superstition and try to cross into another world by using the powers of a Ouija board. A man called Hagen has a dead wife and he believes he can bring her back to life. Another man called Travis who has lost his brother, and he wants to join him in the afterlife.

A dominant characteristic is the lack of rhythm guitar in their music, which is substituted by an eight-string bass guitar. The band have been signed to Osmose Productions and Black Lotus Records. The band worked on an album in 2003, under the working title "Temple of the Skull. It was never released and probably never recorded.

Necromentia on DVD. This dark, twisted tale of erotic tortures and shocking torment dares to open the gates of hell for three men desperate to transcend the boundaries of death. Necromantia band. Necromancy, Definition of Necromancy by Merriam-Webster.






Man this film has had quite an impact on me. Still does. I knew it would but not like this. First I was doubtful and confused but then it made sense near the second plot. La pelicula completaaaaaaa porfaaaaaaaaaaa. Gerçek mi bunlae. Das ist wirklich ein Film der mich bewegt hat! Wie habt ihr das Ende verstanden. HELL YAH. How are we supposed to see this. This is such a great movie its been on my top 5 for about 10 yrs now. Tengo que verla. A genuine masterpiece. This is violence. horrible, just horrible.

Filme exelente ums mistura de terror c suspense acao perfeito


@johnnycs219 my freinds want to see this on mushrooms. THAT sounds like the worst idea ever. Yeah. street fighter high cast. Vine a ver el trailer por DROSS :3.


Vengo a leer comentarios y todos están en inglés rayos jaja. This trailer spoils the whole movie... Spoiler,spoiler,spoiler. I'm dreading the US remake. With a low budget, ass kicking heroins (Lucie doesn't die in the new version. gratifying revenge, a happy, a happy f* king ending for American audiences, and no ambiguous conclusion (Americans are apparently too stupid. it's going to be an embarrassing mess. I though Tusk was sick... Omg my friend wants to see this movie high. that sounds like the worst idea ever. This movie was by one word: sick. Honestly... I haven't felt so distressed as I felt myself watching this movie when it came to theaters ever in any other movie. This was brutal. The actors were good and charismatic, though.