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Genre - Drama. Star - Tatyana Kochemasova. Year - 1990. directed by - Mikhail Belikov. 7,5 of 10 star

Raspad Drama genre




La DÃsintÃgratin de chou.


Raspad is indeed a grim view of the Chernobyl meltdown in Pripyat, and follows a few characters through their trek to the site of the disaster.
However it's a comedy, if a deep, black one. There are many threads of humor, more than a few I don't really get (but clearly detectable as cultural references, mainly the hilariously irritating folk singer) but some are pure slapstick. the opening scene, a man awakens in bed, reaches for his glass of water. complete with false teeth; idle chat in a taxi, man falls of a high crane in the background (EEEEEEEeeeeyaaaahhh. hamming it up for photos at the site of the meltdown. br> It's a GREAT movie. With subject matter this grim how else could it be handled?
As an added bonus, it was the movie my partner and I saw on our first date, 12 years ago, when we were the only ones laughing.

La desintegration beta.
La DÃsintÃgratin de courgettes.






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