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Cast: Rob Bou-Saab; Genres: Drama; runtime: 99 Minutes; Average ratings: 7 of 10 stars; 64 Vote




Kara Zor-El #17 - Languages of Love (Brainiac IV.


My Dog Loved Pumpkins. Its a cool October afternoon and Im sitting on the front lawn with my beautiful family. A towel is spread out beneath our legs, already cluttered with various tools and pumpkin guts strewn between the three of us. We joke and laugh as each of us struggles to make our Jack-O-Lantern look decent. Its a talent that I never quite acquired during my childhood, and my husband has about the same technique—just hack away until something at least slightly resembling a face appears in the firm orange c. # Kara Zor-El #17. Languages of Love, Brainiac IV. ltlt ^ First. lt ^ Previous. Next ^ gt. Author. Lexilogical] r/DCFU/wiki/lexilogical. Book. Kara Zor-El] r/DCFU/wiki/kara. Arc. Prospects] r/DCFU/wiki/kara#wiki. 5Bprospects.5D. Set. 17] r/DCFU/wiki/sets#wiki_set_17. Required.