Directed by: Rich Ambler
average Ratings: 4,9 / 10
Writed by: Wood Dickinson
Rating: 404 vote
Scott Cordes

Rich Ambler Raising Jeffrey Dahmer


Jeffrey Dahmer - The True Story of a Hungry Cannibalistic. Raising Jeffrey Dahmer. Family Video. In the first part of this Serial Killer File we look at the early life and family of Jeffrey Dahmer, The Milwaukee Cannibal, asking the question: what drove him to the crimes that he is well known for to this day. His obsession with domination of his victims is one of the more horrendous acts he performed.

Yet, there was no doubt Lionel and Joyce Dahmer loved their son and tried to do the best for him. When he was six years old, worried Jeffrey might not take well to a new baby brother, they let him pick out his name. Jeffrey named his younger brother David. The Dahmer family moved a few times before eventually settling in Bath, Ohio in 1968.
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Dahmer's parents both moved out of the family home, leaving Jeffrey alone. It was there he committed his first murder shortly thereafter. The Dahmer home in Bath, Ohio went up for sale and was actually being rented out for 8000 for the Republican National Convention in 2016.
I read Lionel Dahmer's book. The film doesn't show any of the gore, blood, bones, and body parts but only allude to it. The film is about how a father like Dr. Lionel Dahmer deals with his son's brutal, horrific crimes. This film is low budget to begin with. There are some scenes like the flashbacks that seem repetitive. It's not a great film but low budget films don't have the financing to be better. This film actually centers on Lionel and his second wife, Shari Dahmer, and Jeffrey's paternal grandmother, Catherine Dahmer, whom he had a close relationship. I thought when I read the book that the Dahmers had left Catherine's house because of the press hounding on them. Jeffrey Dahmer was raised in a broken home with an unstable mother whom we never see so we don't' know her side. We do see Lionel as a broken man coming to terms with the realization of his son's crimes, There were signs but Jeffrey was skilled enough to be aware of his father's obvious questions. He wasn't close to his parents but to his grandmother. The male mannequin in the closet is a frightening clue to something wrong. There is a scene where Lionel tries to keep Jeffrey locked up but he can't do much. If you read Lionel Dahmer's book, he paints a portrait of a frustrating parent who knows something is terribly wrong but can't help his own son. Jeffrey had an alcoholism problem, pedophile, and terribly secretive which led to his compulsion to bury his victims. Lionel is ridden with guilt just as his second wife. Jeffrey's mother was not in this film. While it's an okay low budget film, the actors do the best they can with the material. The flashbacks help slowly unravel Jeffrey's behavior. Unfortunately, they don't mention the victims by names. They should have listed them in remembrance and not to forget them as well.