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directed by=Leon Ichaso 1998 1Hour 38 Minutes average Ratings=6,3 of 10 A black girl seeks a tutor, hoping a good education will help her escape from poor housing projects

Free of Eden Drama


So basically an adaptation of every work of the Marquis De Sade? Sure I'm up for it.

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My friend has been wanting to wacth this. “Thing”? She did it, she post it all I've her insta. Looks like a Bill Clinton documentary. “RPG. ”-Mike Banning.


I watched this movie with Sina It the best time in my life

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Resterai sempre nel cuore. 2:16, that CGI. You can watch it on netflix right now its called Abduction of eden. Olympus has fallen (2013) London has fallen (2016) Angel has fallen (2019) Guys stop falling (2022. Eyyyy we finally meet mikes dad exiting. How long will this series go on?😂 It would have been enough with the first olympus has fallen which is unrealistic enough as it is. Or you can actually watch it on netfloix and supoort this film that is really really fantastic. It's sad that I had to come here to see if this one was from this year or if it was the one I seeing. Why they all name almost the same and yet same actor.

Is the old guy ‘the end sniper boss from metal gear Solid 3. This movie is sad, eye-opening, and powerful. Sad that this happened. Slavery in our day and age. This movie represents present day reality for many slaves. Will you ignore this most important issue of our age? Or will you stand for those without a voice. After seeing this today, I can approve that this was a very good movie. Seen all 3 movies, this one didnt disappoint.




The Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden.


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"Free of Eden" is the story of one young African-American woman's determined escape from the ghetto through enlightenment and education. Although the film gets sidetracked periodically, it never derails and stays focused on the principals, Sidney Poitier's character, the teacher; his real life daughter Sydney's character, the pupil; and their inspiring and heartwarming story.