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7,6 of 10 star. synopsis=Ana is an exemplary girl that has been educated in the 'normality' of a middle-class family. She has never been brave enough to break with all the regulations that her well-led life was supposed to be. The appearance of a double that starts living her life and doing all of her obligations, allows Ana to adopt total anonymity for the very first time. This fact becomes something that she understands as the opportunity to choose the life she wants without giving any reason to anybody, as the way to find total freedom and also happiness. Who is this double, where she comes from and why she appears are questions that I am not interested in answering in the film. This is just the starting point that is accepted as the motor that helps Ana to have the courage to fight for her own existence. Ana tries to make her own runaway possible breaking with everything, looking for her own limits, living a life opposed to whatever everybody expected from her. The action will be set in 3 scenarios where Ana, now called Nina, will start living her new life: The hostel where she settles down, an old fashioned Music Hall, and Marcelo, a man who is also running away from something. And also the night. The night as the scenario where she can hide from reality. But the freedom she thought she had discovered, little by little becomes no more than loneliness, lies, and characters who, as she, one day escaped. Is it too late to return to her previous life? Is it possible to run away from one-self?. Andrea Jaurrieta. Release Year=2018. rating=76 votes


Me recuerda a Kristen Wiig. Ethan Hawke should play the Villain in Equalizer 3. Si luego editas como te da la gana La invitada quejándose de los cortes del youtube. Bem capaz! nunca faria isso na frente de ninguém intao nunca seria atriz da globo. 0:59 song. What's name of song. Denzel looks so good in this. 😍.


This movie is the BEST.

Omg denzel you are the best in hollywood

Muito bom. E essa música é show 😍.


Qué grande La Puta Resistencia escuchando a su público. Que quiten a esa y traigan a Ingrid. Oh shit. 2018! Anyone. Hay que juntar a Ingrid con Aitana y que se conozcan. Yo estoy enamorado perdido de esta mujer no la conocía hasta que la entrevistaron al programa gracias la resistencia. Tem nudes desse ator na internet e o tamanho do pacote não é de impressionar não viu. Por favor que se líen ya.





Voy a lloraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.


Há que top eles são muito lindos juntos. Human nature at it's finest. Trailers were so shit back then. Tengo un gran crush en este hombre vale. Me encanta este hombre jajajajaja.

Good actors but the plot is crap, over exaggerated. Cool idea but bad execution