• Release Date: 2007
  • 1 Hour, 26M
  • Directed by: Johnny Boston
  • Countries: USA
  • Genre: Documentary

My Name Is Alan, and I Paint Pictures director Johnny Boston



Watch My Name Is Alan, and I Paint Pictures Online Vidto. Watch My Name Is Alan, and I Paint Pictures Full Movie Stream Online Free. Alan Russell-Cowan is one such artist. Afflicted with paranoid schizophrenia, we watch Cowan struggle with the desire to be a great painter, while battling delusions and auditory hallucinations. My Name is Alan and I Paint Pictures examines Cowan's life, the role art and painting play in it, and how mental. You are watching the movie My Name Is Alan, and I Paint Pictures produced in USA belongs in Category Documentary with duration 86 Min, broadcast at, Director by Johnny Boston,What makes an artist? What drives someone to create a painting, a composition or write a.

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My Name Is Alan and I Paint Pictures ( Exclusive) Johnny. Afflicted with paranoid schizophrenia, we watch Cowan struggle with the. My Name Is Alan and I Paint Pictures.


My Name is Alan and I Paint Pictures.


Full Documentary, free: The compelling documentary portrait on schizophrenic street artist Alan Russell-Cowan. Rating 2/4 Review by Paul Schrodt.