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Duration=81 minutes. genre=Drama, War. User Ratings=3,5 / 10 Star. Midnight Temptations 2 is a movie starring Jane Daniels, Johnny Gardella, and Noel Toy. A young woman searches for the mysterious lover of a recurring dream whom she believes to be real. country=USA



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Midnight Temptation book. Read 12 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Fleeing her father's shocking secret and the dark blood legacy. Start by marking "Midnight Temptation (Midnight, 2) as Want to Read. I'm taking probably my 7th serious break from alcohol in my life again, and I'm thinking about New Years Eve. New Years Eve, this holiday triggers so much nostalgia for alcohol. You don't get high on weed on New Years Eve(well, you can, but you know what I mean) you're supposed to party really hard. I was talking to some people at a self help seminar, and they honestly they just watch the ball drop or they fall asleep by midnight. That made me angry, but I was like, whoa, why are you angry.

Era: Maybe... 90s-2000s? Genre: English Language, Artist or Artist type: N/A.