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Country=USA Ratings=7,3 / 10 star James Goldman Duration=106 Minutes director=Richard Lester




It's always later than you think, but knowing that doesn't stop us from trying once more to recapture the Glory of days gone by. Fighters do it all the time. I read (and loved) ROBIN HOOD when I was a kid. While I can't claim to be a fan of the Errol Flynn movie, I'll admit that it's not bad for what it is (and infinitely preferable to the Kevin Costner debacle, which came across like an unfunny episode of the TV spoof WHEN THINGS WERE ROTTEN. For me, ROBIN AND MARIAN takes up where the original story left off and is about as bittersweet a swan song as you're ever likely to see. The seemingly perpetually smirking Robert Shaw (who looks not unlike an older Errol Flynn himself) gives a rich, two-toned performance that is not "all bad" and even lends his end its own poignancy. Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn are merely magic together, in understated but ultimately powerful performances. If only Lester had had the same empathy for The Man of Steel when he made the forgettable SUPERMAN II and III.


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