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Wanweaw Hongvivatana. 6,7 of 10 Stars. directed by=Weawwan Hongvivatana. Country=UK, Thailand. Summary=A documentary about a one-month journey of twin sisters from London back to their home, Bangkok by train. They travelled via the famous Trans-Siberian route, through many countries such as Germany, Russia, Mongolia and China, with many stories to tell




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Wish Us luck. Wish us luck clipart. Creator: Xaioli April 2, 2011 7:29pm We're almost in the grandfinals in this Tournament. *Wishes you luck* I have no idea what tournament this is, but you're luckeh D: EDIT: LOLWUT 2003 ELO D: I make sigs, PM me if you want one:D (Thanks for the Nidalee sig, The_Nameless_Bard! ) Mowen You're against TreeEskimo...? Man you need the luck, good luck! XD Chidorie??? More like... R***SSSSSENGAN!!!!!!! Anyway good luck get an autograph from Tree for me <3 JHOIJHOI IS THE BESTEST PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD AND THIS SIG IS AMAZING TY <3 Thanks to TRUeLM, Plastictree, Scrax, Xiaowiriamu, foggy12, JahGFX, jhoijhoi, msrobinson, JEFFY40HANDS, Nyoike, MissMaw, and me:) for the sigs! We lost, and now we're int he Loser's Finals, and if we win, we get a rematch against Tree. I think we did OKAY. There's a ton we can improve on though. For example, stopping them from getting such strong picks, and we got picked off too much. Results 1st Game. HOWEVER;:3 dAMN YOU GUYS GOT OWNED IN THE MINION KILLS DEPARTMENT Australians, the best gamers in the world combined with the worst ping. We made too many poor moves and decisions and that costed us the game. I strongly believe that we could have pulled a huge upset on Tree. You tried, all that matters:) Thanks Jhoi, Xenasis, JEFFY40HANDS for the Sigs! :D You need to log in before commenting.

Wish us luck song. Here we go-go go wish us luck. Wish Us lucky luke. Wish Us lucky sophie. Wish us luck. Proverbs, Sayings and Adages Superstitions Luck Phrases English (language) Update Cancel a d b y G r a m m a r l y Get help with grammar, vocabulary, and more. Writing tool trusted by students worldwide. Try now! Download You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Undo 6 Answers Kristina Kirilova, Dating Consultant, Co-Founder Answered 260w ago · Author has 190 answers and 3. 3m answer views Originally Answered: What are other ways of saying "wish me luck"? keep the fingers crossed for me press your thumbs 15. 7k views · View 16 Upvoters Related Questions More Answers Below What are the best ways to say best of luck? What are some other ways to say "Good luck? ” Why do some people use 'Good luck with your future endeavors' casually in a good way, whereas some people believe that the sentence is connota... What is the difference in meaning between “wish me good luck” and “wish me a good luck”? What are some different ways of saying "I wish you the best"? View more Related Questions What are the best ways to say best of luck? What are some other ways to say "Good luck? ” Why do some people use 'Good luck with your future endeavors' casually in a good way, whereas some people believe that the sentence is connota... What is the difference in meaning between “wish me good luck” and “wish me a good luck”? What are some different ways of saying "I wish you the best"? How do I wish someone good luck? If my boyfriend is going to have a meeting and I want to wish him a good luck, how can I say it in a nice way? How can I wish someone good luck in everything they do? What is the difference between" wish me luck "and "wish you luck"? What is an alternative phrase for "best of luck"? What are some alternative words or phrases instead of "good luck" which I can use to show my genuine support to others? How do I respond when someone says, “I wish you well in everything you do”? What's a better saying than good luck in your future endeavors? What is the best way to write a good luck message for a friend? Does wishing people good luck before an important exam / challenge help them in any way, or just make them more nervous?

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Wish Us lucky. Wish Us luc besson. I know this isn't really a question, so don't come unglued because of it... Tomorrow at 11 is Sonny's pre-purcahse vet exam. PLEASE wish him luck. I've already had one horse that I fell in love with fail the exam, so I'm hoping this one will really work out! Okay, so I thought of a question so that people can't get all report happy teehee If you had a pre-purchase exam on a horse that you really cared for, what things could you live with? Meaning, if the horse had athritis or navicular or a heart murmer or whatever, what would you live with, and what things would make you search for another horse? Update: @mule I will definately let everyone know how the vet check goes! I'm really nervous myself for he does huff alot at the canter but that might be due to he's really out of shape haha Favorite Answer Yayyy, let us know first what is says then we can discuss the what if's Kaylie, i have fans lol:) Its all cool, thumbs down don't bother me. Depends on what I'm looking for. I have a friend you just wanted a pasure horse and a horse that her inexperiance friends could just walk or trot on, so when she fell in love with a navicular horse, she bought it. It was a good price, the owners were up-front about it, and its a great horse! However, this horse would not be good for an inderance rider or competitive jumper or cross country exibitor! I am now sorta kinda looking at another horse. For this horse I want to have to show all-around, such as western pleasure, english pleasure, small jumps, 'pleasure' reining (to get a few extra points at the all-around shows, all the horses are pleasure horses and can't do sliding stops and stuff) ect So I want a horse that is completely healthy. I would deal with a sprained leg or a bad back I guess, but this horse I really want to be healthy so I don't have to deal with alot of issues bc I'll show it alot, and if it needs constant injections or it has to be on meds all the time, not only will it be a pain and I might have to miss shows, I could also get DQed for giving it meds and stuff! So like I said, depends on the purpose of the horse. I hope all goes well, and GOOD LUCK! :) It would depend on the use I had in mind for the horse. We're supposed to do a prepurchase exam on a high dollar stallion next week. He reportedly has a leg injury and is unsound. In that case, semen evaluation would be very important, as well as assessing the leg injury to see whether it will affect his abliity to jump a mare. I bought a horse that had melanoma, vet's opinion was no bigger than the lesion was, it probably would not be an issue in his near to distant future. I passed on a horse that had breathing issues that may or may not have been due to his less than stellar condition. I trail ride and sometimes I'm out for long hours, so a breathing condition could be a huge issue. OTOH, had I been looking at the horse just to putter around the back yard every now and then on, I'dve probably gone ahead and purchased. My vet, when he does a PPE, at the end of his evaluation he has a space for comments on the paperwork, and has a check box of "suitable for intended purpose", "not suitable for intended purpose", or "suitable with reservations". I'm paying for his opinion, and if he lists the horse as unsuited, I'm gonna go along with it. Now, he won't tell me not to buy the horse, that's my decision.... I could live with all of those things if I had owned the horse for a while, but would I knowingly buy one with any of those? NO! There are too many healthy and sound horses out there worth the money, there is no need to compromise like that. Good luck! hope this one goes well. Sonny is a very cute boy as far as I can see from your past questions! How could you give Muley a thumbs down? She wished her good luck, thats what the question was about. Dumb trolls. Good luck with that - I hope all goes well. As for what I could put up with all mine have problems so I guess I can put up with quite a lot! ( If there is something just haggle on the price if it's nothing desparate! ) I bought a navicular horse. There's still a lot of life left in a horse and it shouldnt be ruined because she may never run barrels again. I could live with arthritis. I already have a fast runner sweet. Hope your horse does fine! may the sun shine on your faces, the moon give you sweet dreams, the wind blow in your hair when you ride, and the stars wink their joy for the both of you.. good lucky hope your horse does good Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

Wish us luck tv series. 158 Submissions · Finished 2018-01-31 23:59 What are the fun traditions that you follow to invite good luck for the coming year? In Philippines, it's customary to scatter coin around one's house. While people in Scotland observe First Footing, where they bring gifts to a neighbor or friend at midnight. Does your locality have any fascinating New Year tradition? Do share them through your photographs! Each participant can submit up to 10 photographs. This competition, which serves as the qualifying round for Breaking Boundaries, is open to all. Photo by duringmyheyday The Winners Congratulations to: zy199410190814, dupdupdee, dorinedamofli, schwarzesauge, lomowlenk, smolda, michaelblack, flamingoid, nosheterotopies, schwarzesauge & zy199410190814. 158 Submissions.

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