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I mean really? Exactly.
We are looking for beavers the guy says hell ain't we all.
THIS IS US. totally reminds me of it.
I watched the movie today.

Beaver fever. Hutch Dano has to have a bad agent lol. We cannot turn against each other, thats what the beavers would want up the movie well. Movies old. It's from 2017, by beautiful people. I give it a 7.5. It's good enough to check out. It's on showbox. What have i just seen. I'm in tears ok then. UNFREAKINCRUNCHABLE (scout 2009-2015. I don't like sebastian stan but jk simmons and max greenfield are in this so. i have to watch.


Amazing. I didnt think someone would be able to make a movie as good as sharknado. This movie looks absolutely horrible. this will be on my do not waste my life away on this list.



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Bill Goldberg is my favorite wrestler 🤼 lmao 😂 when I 👂🏼 heard his name WWE rules go Hulk Hogan. Too bad for this suburbanite, it happens to be GARBAGE DAY. Comes to Explained video without even watching the movie first & that also after 4 years 😑. Looks like a great time.

Watch Rubber, Prime Video. The Killdozer is real. Mano assiste o filme ratos, que passava direto na band, é horrivel. Ele imitando o Operação Cinema é incrível né. Watch Rubber Free Full Movie with english subtitle. Stream Rubber Online on. The audience left, you can go home! Yeah that's the point of the movie. I was laughing throughout the whole movie because I was actively watching a movie about a friggin tire. And I think thats the point - the movie is mocking you for watching it. The twist you add at the end of these is superb. I believe that's the guy at :15 from 'CSI: Miami. This looks hilarious! I gotta see it.

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Leprechaun is awesome I love the movie. Oh look The Room of B movies. I didn't know they could do that. What are they hoping to achieve. Deve ser esse o pneu que acaba com os asfaltos do Brasil afora 😂😂😂😂. An abandoned tire inexplicably comes to life, possessing terrifying power that can destroy anything. When his attention turns to humans, chaos reigns. O engraçado é que a maioria que disse que o filme é ruim na verdade não assistiram ele, ficaram pela opinião desse rapaz que você disse que julgou o filme muito mal e sei bem quem é porque minha opinião era a mesma que a dele sem nem ter visto o filme. Abri os olhos. Ótima observação.

Que huevada mas grande. Watch The Robber (2010) Full Movie Free. We love a movie with explosions. Do longest explained episode or upload unedited one. For our curiosity. I'm not sure what is more bizarre, this movie or attack of the killer tomatoes.🤔? At least in that movie it explains that the tomatoes are weird alien creatures. Is the tire possessed? NOPE, no reason at all why it's alive😉 it feels like I'm watching a nature documentary on a tire😂😆.



Kkkkkkk,ótima análise como sempre.

It actually seems like a good movie, i dont know why

Just discovered this channel today, you sir, deserve need more subs. So far I am gathering, this movie was purposely just made for shits and giggles and pure Bullshittery. LoL nothing so far makes anysense and it hasn't explained a damn thing. Do someone know whats the name of the music at the beginning ?😂. Also if the dog dies I'm out forget about it bye. Can someone please tell the name of the song its soooo good.

What is this song so beautiful! <3. Deserves oscar. Favvvv movie everrr. I watched this tonight. It was god awful hipster trash, I feel like I need to purify myself somehow.


Hell yeah. @MrPusikurcinu or the condom of birth! XD. I will forever be impressed with that opening sequence.


Jjaja que se fumaron para producir esto? Xdxdxd igual este genial Jajaj es súper raro pero. Namames :v. The last thing i want is J K Simmons making me cry.


Worst movie. Ever. Ford said this was the best script he's ever read. Good sign. There are so many plot possibilities for an invisible man movie. Spying on behalf of international security, industrial espionage, breaking the bank at Vegas, and this is the best they could come up with. An invisible psycho stalker. Who wants to sit through an hour and a half of this crap. I wonder who played the tire.