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countries - USA / 3 / 10 / Creator - Robert Louis Stevenson / An innkeeper's life of monotony suddenly changes when he comes into possession of a treasure map / Liked it - 945 vote

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Piratii din Insula comoria.

Piratii din Insula comorien. Piratii din Insula comorienne. Piratii din Insula comoriia.


Okay, you might want to dismiss a review that claims "the worst I've ever seen" but I asked my wife to name a movie that she has seen that's worse and neither of us could come up with one. br> I've seen better acting in soap operas. There aren't words in the English language to describe how painfully horrible the acting is with the exception of Lance H. as Long John Silver.
The story line is very poor (giant bugs. and arranged in a way that just confuses the viewer. Characters are thrust into the story line without any previous mention. If you're not familiar with the story of Treasure Island and who the characters are, you'd undoubtedly be lost.
Due to the terrible acting, piecemeal editing, and terrible story line, I have come to the conclusion that this movie was or was intended to be a porn.

Description Help Captain Gingerbeard and his crew find the legendary fortunes of Treasure Island! Discover beautiful animated graphics and musical hooks inside a unique blend of brick matching and adventure! Match different groups of icons to: steer pirate ships across the ocean, fence against buccaneers, walk through tropical jungles or forbidden castle dungeons. Ahoy! Your adventure awaits... don't delay, dive in and play! Additional Details System Requirements Operating System Windows XP or Vista Keyboard and Mouse Supported Processor Pentium - 300MHz or better RAM 64MB DirectX Version 7. 0 or above PC Download Match 3 Rental Unlimited Play with wild.

Piratii din Insula comoriano. Pirates of Treasure Island Directed by Leigh Scott Produced by David Michael Latt David Rimawi Paul Bales Written by Robert Louis Stevenson (novel, uncreditted) Carlos De Los Rios (screenplay) Starring Lance Henriksen Tom Nagel Jeff Denton James Ferris Leigh Scott Rebekah Kochan Distributed by The Asylum Release date June 27, 2006 Running time 80 minutes Country United States Language English Budget $ 1. 5 million Pirates of Treasure Island is a 2006 American comedy-drama film produced by The Asylum, loosely adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson 's novel Treasure Island. The film was criticized as an imitation of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, particularly as was released just before, and shares several similarities with, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Plot [ edit] The story opens on Skeleton Island, an uncharted island somewhere in the Falkland Islands chain, where Long John Silver and Billy Bones have staged a successful mutiny against Captain Flint. The group is attacked by gigantic insects, and retreats back to the ship. In the chaos, Long John has one of his legs torn off by a giant beetle. In the United States in 1782, Jim Hawkins is the owner of the Admiral Benbow Inn, but has grown tired of a life of monotony and seeks adventure. One of his customers, Billy Bones, dies in his inn and leaves Jim a treasure map showing the way to a treasure buried on Skeleton Island. After gaining the help of Dr. Livesey, Jim and Livesey recruit French mariner Captain Smollete, the captain of the schooner Hispaniola, to sail out to Skeleton Island, under the pretence of going to collect specimens of local wildlife. Jim and Livesey recruit Long John Silver, now using the alias of Barbecue, to act as ship's cook, with Long John providing the rest of the ship's crew. As the Hispanola makes its way to the island, Hawkins unintentionally discovers Long John's true intentions: to steal the map and to hijack the Hispaniola on behalf of his own band of pirates, whom make up the ship's crew. Long John plans to stage a mutiny upon arriving at Skeleton Island, and to kill the captain, Hawkins and Dr. Livesey so that all of the treasure will belong to the pirates. However, Hawkins is discovered, along with Anne Bonny, who had followed Jim from the inn, and gives him protection from Long John. On reaching Skeleton Island, the Hispanola is hijacked by Silver, with Smollette, Livesey and an American government official on the voyage kept prisoner on the ship whilst the others go ashore. With the help of marooned mariner Ben Gunn, Jim and Anne Bonney escape, and race to beat Long John and the pirates to the treasure. Cast [ edit] Lance Henriksen – Long John Silver Tom Nagel – Jim Hawkins Rebekah Kochan – Anne Bonney Rhett Giles – Wilkins Jeff Denton – Dr. Livesey James Ferris – Capt. Smollete Derek Osedach – Jack Falcon Justin Jones – Billy Bones Chriss Anglin – Captain Flint Dean N. Arevalo – Squire Trelawney Josh Sobotik – Gray Andrea Lui – Yeera "Yee" Wung Leigh Scott – Ben Gunn Jennifer Lee Wiggins – Polly Review [ edit] The Nerd Signal found Pirates of Treasure Island to be a perfect film for fans of the work of The Asylum Studio. [1] See also [ edit] 30, 000 Leagues Under the Sea – Another seafaring film by The Asylum, released in 2007 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest – The second film in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series References [ edit] External links [ edit] Pirates of Treasure Island at The Asylum Pirates of Treasure Island on IMDb.

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