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  1. 109 minutes
  2. genre - Comedy
  3. writers - John Morris
  4. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reprise their roles as lovable imbeciles Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne in this sequel to Dumb and Dumber from original directing duo Bobby and Peter Farrelly. The movie revisits the titular duo of dumb Harry (Daniels) and dumber Lloyd (Carrey), 20 years after the events of the first film: Harry pays his first visit to his parents since the early '90s, and discovers a two-decade-old postcard from a gal he hooked up with (Kathleen Turner) informing him that she's pregnant. It turns out she had a daughter and put the girl up for adoption. Harry is moved by the prospect of having an adult child out there somewhere (and it just so happens that he needs a kidney transplant), so he and Lloyd embark on a road trip to track down his daughter. They get mixed up in many wacky situations along the way, like finding and stealing their old "Shaggin' Wagon," and being duped into pleasuring an old lady in exchange for her hearing aids
  5. 6,2 of 10

Dumb and Dumber To



Reading the negative reviews really affected me as I went to see this movie, and yes you can right away tell Carry and Daniels are of course not their younger selves, and yeah yeah the whole premise of the film looks forced, I know - but after watching I think it's not half as forced as other US-made comedies and their plastic "jokes.
This is because the movie succeeds(a bit) in bringing back the lighthearted spirit of the 90's, so even when half the jokes don't work, it's never overbearing, and has many good, fun ideas! It's just that the writing of these ideas and the plot, the characters growth, connection between characters- all seem to have been done in a very lazy or rushed way. (for example, the villain's role is a classic idea but is too short for us to care about)
Now, that's kinda saddening and annoying because when you look at the jokes that *do* make you laugh, you get the feeling that maybe- just maybe- if these guys consciously decided to make a better a movie, they could have done so! They just didn't put enough time and effort. And this is what annoys people so much. I get that. Maybe it's the nature of being complacent - everyone in this film don't have the drive and fears they had 20 years ago. No one's success is hanging in the balance etc- Too bad! There's obviously some potential here - some of that magic that guys like Jim Carry take wherever they go. It's just not utilized well.






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Why do you want to go to hospital? Jimmy: I am lactose intolerant. 😂😂😂. I knew you were a pickle person when you walked in here! You did? Yes I did! boop 😂😂😂😂. Very good. Excellent adventures. July 2019. The skit would have been even more hilarious if Steve Carell was in place of the customer, imagine all three actors in the same.

OMG that's dust tho. Bad idea to watch Jim carrey in the middle of the night. 4:36 when Jim smelled the marijuana 😂. @TH~SATHgtgt. Watch Dumb and Dumber To Online] Full Movie [email protected] In HD. When watching Dumb and Dumber To. Jeff and Jim work so well together. The movie was fantastic 👍. They look too old but this is awesome. Just like Hannibal in Red Dragon. When your buying a bag from the drug dealer on your block and he makes you smell it 😂” thats kush”.

This looks painful. Wait didn't jimmy fall only ordered pickles not the whole topping. @Charles Hancocks.