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Canada. Duration - 120minute. story - Matt McLaughlin, supervisor of a construction crew in charge of digging a New York City councilor's pet project underground tunnel, wants to abandon it as unsafe after a mysterious volcanic mini-eruption. But the illegal experiment which causes the eruption is the lifework of powerful people, so Matt is suspended and falsely blamed for the casualties among his crew. He takes on the fight against madness with a few accidental supporters, including his wife, a geologist, but time is running out fast to prevent an extreme disaster. actor - Costas Mandylor. Drama

Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York



This movie isn't as bad as it first seems. This movie has all the elements of a fine disaster movie; inept Government officials, unjustly ridiculed hero, the evil psychologically challenged scientist and the sniveling bureaucrat trying to cover it all up to save his own butt. It goes through the predicted path of catastrophe that gets our hero fired and ridiculed by the people that should be the ones to listen. Amazing that no one actually investigates the deaths by inspecting the death scene. When confronted with an explanation the mayor turns to the sniveling underling who happens to be in league with a complete nut of a scientist intent on bringing Geothermal Energy to New York City, a good cause but a bad concept by doing it in the heart of the city. The science if very fuzzy so don't expect any "A" from a Geology teacher as the vulcanology is about as good in this one as in other volcano movies. The threat of terrorist is also the great concern and the official is a complete clown seeing terrorist under every bed which is completely unreal and stupid. It added nothing to the story at all and only seems added to create the typical hate Bush Hollywood mania. When our hero goes to confront the investigators from the United States Geological Service about lava in the tunnels he was working in, who does he find, non other but his former wife. Actually this is the best parts of the show because Matt (Costas Mandylor) and Susan (Alexandra Paul) actually works well together and has very good chemistry. At least they are of the same age group and not 20 yrs in age difference as has been done recently in Sci-Fi Channel movies. The supporting cast is good and it has one always impeccable gem in Michael Ironside that plays the demented scientist Doctor Levering. Ironside has played so many great roles as the bad guy. This particular role is one of a scientist that has finally gone over the edge after he observes his project literally blow up in his face. The predictable Mayor that when confronted by reality wants to see the geologist that warned of the disaster (A. Paul) and has the sniveling underling arrested. There is a final attempt to stay the disaster by the sandhogs by diverting the lava into the underground tunnels of NYC which saves the city. Of course there are also the predictable losses of hero support lives in the final battle with the lava. Also there is the inevitable fight between our hero and the crazed scientist in the tunnel. Overall even with the predictable ingredients, characters and crummy science I enjoyed the movie. It wasn't a riveting epic by any means, but it wasn't a complete waste of time either.






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