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  1. Release year: 1983
  2. Creator: Paul Leduc
  3. director: Paul Leduc
  4. Info: This film is a chronicle of painter Frida Kahlo, and her encounter with the personalities of her time. Despite being confied to a wheelchair as a result of polio, operations and amputations, she faces and traces some of the most colorful and controversial aspects of Mexican history, during the dominant time of Mexican muralism
  5. Country: Mexico




Frida Still Life.
I have watched Salma Hayek's movie before this one, so at the beginning I thought it was a terrible movie. When I was half way through it I changed my mind. Few words are spoken in this movie and many scenes are unrelated, and it was intentionally made this way. It doesn't want to provide us with a lot of information about Frida, Diego Rivera and Mexico at the time, but rather show us Frida's feelings in different situations; how she loved her father, wanted to have a baby,became tremendously happy when receiving the painting colors in the hospital etc... The music helps us to understand and apprehend these feelings. Yet her character is poorly represented and so is her relationship with her husband. We see here every once in a while in somebody's else's arms, flirting with Trotsky and kissing some lady, but I really don't understand why. The movie was also a little bit boring. I give it 5 out of 10.