Mac Naukar Biwi Ka full genre mystery

brief - Jagirdar Bishamber Nath a wealthy man disowns his son, police inspector Amar Nath for marrying against his wishes. In the course of his duties Amar sends a notorious criminal Pinto to jail. In due course, Pinto escapes from prison and begins a vendetta which results in several deaths, children being separated from parents and the loyalty of a family driver which saves Jyoti. As the children grow up there is a peek behind the scenes of movieland in Bombay, abductions, being loved, unrequited love, broken childhood engagement, success in stardom, suicide and failure. Does Amar's daughter Jyoti find her true love? Is wealthy Bishamber Nath destined to a lonely old age? / Agha / directed by - Rajkumar Kohli / Rating - 131 Vote

Naukar Biwi Ka star Rajeev Anand







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